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Earth Warriors brings together people who feel instinctively that we must stop the irresponsibility of national and global policies, which threaten our planet and life; people who feel that we must change our beliefs, priorities and actions, which continually endanger all of life. Earth warriors embrace the knowledge that we are, each of us, the problem and the solution in determining the quality of life on our planet. Recognizing the imperative in our lives now, earth warriors seek solutions individually and collectively. An abundance of information exists, describing the destructive effects our foolish and dangerous beliefs and actions. We can identify the steps and actions necessary to realize positive change. As an individual, I have no choice but to do all that I can, which I believe will bring about this change. It will take the help of young students, educators and people like each of you, from every part of the planet to do the extraordinary. Many say only a miracle can save us. Surely we can all agree that each of us is already a miracle of life.


Earth Warriors

Earth Warriors World envisions millions upon millions of people from around the planet whose hearts and minds have joined together to defend life. To achieve this objective, each of us commits to the simple task of enlisting one person, who also feels something must be done to stop the atrocities we are inflicting on the planet. As the community builds, individual earth warriors create a "chain letter of the heart," if you will. The exponential power of each individual joining forces can break the grip of fear and ignorance, which keeps us on a path of destruction. Each of us can help in this common goal by our individual talents and ideas. The center of our crusade lies within each earth warrior.



Earth warriors collaborate to realize a revolutionary state of EarthWake. The dictionary defines wake as: 1) to become roused from sleep 2) to be or continue to be awake 3) to become aware or alert 4) to cause to wake 5) to rouse from inactivity 6) to hold a wake over, as a dead body 7) a watch kept over a dead body before burial 8) rare awakened state 9) the course of anything that has passed in the wake or immediately after. The play on words can be many, but our intention lies at the individual level - to bring about a moment of unity, when people everywhere become one in the collective caring and concern for all children of life, including ourselves. An EarthWake can have a major impact in our efforts to change the path we are on to a "path with heart." We will set a new course where "reverence for life" guides us beyond the current destructive trajectory. EarthWake depends on the linking of hearts, souls and minds to act with resolve and to be the catalyst of change. I hope each of you will take up the charge as an earth warrior and become part of the life revitalizing EarthWake needed today.


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